Coronavirus (Discretionary Compensation for Self-isolation) (Scotland) Bill - call for views

Closed 10 Dec 2021

Opened 16 Nov 2021

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, health boards were required to compensate people who they asked to self-isolate due to an infectious disease. This was required by the Public Health etc. (Scotland) Act 2008.

The Coronavirus Act 2020 changed this. The 2020 Act let health boards decide whether people who are self-isolating because of COVID-19 received compensation under the 2008 Act. The relevant provision of the 2020 Act will expire in March 2022.

This Bill would change the law so that health boards will still have the option to provide compensation. However, they will not be obliged to do so, to anyone they ask to self-isolate due to COVID-19.

The law will apply until 31 October 2022. The Bill allows for the Scottish Government to reduce or extend that period if required.

Coronavirus (Discretionary Compensation for Self-isolation) (Scotland) Bill as introduced

Read more about this Bill in the explanatory notes.

Read more about why this Bill was created in the policy memorandum

Key questions

The COVID-19 Recovery Committee wants to hear your views on the following questions:

  1. Do you agree with the general purpose of the Bill?
  2. Are there any other issues related to the Bill proposals that you think the Committee should be aware of?

How to submit your views

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We welcome written views in English, Gaelic, Scots or any other language. 

The call for views closes on 10 December 2021.


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