Scottish Leids Bill / Scottish Languages Bill (Scots - detailed call for views)

Closed 8 Mar 2024

Opened 22 Jan 2024

Published responses

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The Bill gies the Gaelic and Scots leids official staunin in Scotland and maks chynges tae the uphaudin o the Gaelic and Scots leids in Scotland. This includes chynges in relation tae Gaelic and Scots education.

Find oot mair aboot the bill

The Education, Bairns and Young Fowk Committee wad like tae ken yer views on the Bill.

Hoo tae submit yer views

Please submit yer detailed views yaisin the online submission form, linkit tae ablow.

Or, fur tae share a quick owerview o yer views on the Bill, please dae a short survey.

We walcome scrievit views in English, Gaelic, Scots or ony ither leid; we walcome views by video in British Sign Leid (BSL) forby.

Please tak tent that, although ivery effort has gaed intae the owersettin o the content o this consultation, a haunfou o elements micht yet appear in English. This is due tae technical grunds and no tae ony error in owersettin.

The caw fur views closes at 11.59pm on 8 Mairch 2024.

Whit we will dae wi yer views

Ony views shared wi the Committee will be treatit in accordance wi oor privacy notice.

Ony submissions receivit in Gaelic will be furthset in Gaelic, alang wi an English owersettin.

Ony submissions receivit in Scots will be furthset in their original form.

Submissions receivit through the shorter survey willnae be attributit tae individuals. Insteid, an anonymised report bringin thegither the key pynts will be producit and uploadit tae the Scots Pairlament wabsite.


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