Scotland’s supply chain

Closed 9 Nov 2021

Opened 12 Oct 2021

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The Economy and Fair Work Committee are investigating Scotland’s supply chain.  

The Committee is keen to hear from businesses and industry. They would like to understand what changes could protect Scotland's supply chain. They would also like to hear what opportunities may or may not exist to develop a domestic supply chain. 


A supply chain is the end to end process of creating products and delivering them to customers.

The Committee is aware of the current challenges that business and industry are facing. Some of these are short-term issues like access to fuel and raw materials to make products. Others are longer-term issues, such staff shortages, or having people with the skills needed by business in the parts of the country where there are vacancies. 

Key questions

The Committee will consider the issues by looking at three themes; People, Places and Product.  

Please help the inquiry by giving the Committee your thoughts on any of the following questions.  


  1. There are persistent skills gaps in certain sectors. Why are these gaps persistent? What policies are needed to address these gaps? What could be done differently? 
  2. There are also gaps in labour supply in certain sectors. What policies or actions are needed and over what timescale to address labour supply problems?  


  1. What improvements are needed to Scotland’s supply infrastructure? What should be prioritised and why? 
  2. How can Scotland’s supply infrastructure be future-proofed in the face of changes to stockpiling and demands faced as our economy shifts to net zero? 


  1. What are the short and medium-term challenges in accessing markets to enable the raw materials needed to be imported? And in accessing markets for Scottish exports? 
  2. Where are the emerging markets for Scottish products? What needs to happen to ensure Scottish businesses maximise these market opportunities? 
  3. Are there sectors and products where Scotland relies on imports but there could be opportunities to grow a domestic supply chain? What are the barriers to doing so? 
  4. How can small Scottish businesses be supported to win market share while also meeting fair work principles and other legislative requirements? 

How to submit your views

Please submit your views using the online submission form, linked to below.

We welcome written views in English, Gaelic, Scots or any other language. 

The call for views closes on 9 November 2021.