Inquiry into Public Administration - Effective Scottish Government decision-making

Closed 7 Feb 2023

Opened 6 Dec 2022

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Public Administration is a key part of the Committee’s remit and is best described as how the functions and systems of the Scottish Government work. 

The First Minister explained that:

For a sensible Government… transparency, good record-keeping and the ability to demonstrate the basis on which decisions are taken are as much in the interests of the Government as they are in the interests of those who are holding the Government to account.

The Committee’s inquiry will therefore explore good practice in Government decision-making.

Committee inquiry

Key areas that the Committee will seek to explore include:

  • Transparency of the current approach
  • Good practice in decision-making
  • Roles and structure
  • Process and scrutiny
  • Information and analysis
  • Recording and reviewing decision-making

For this inquiry the Committee’s main focus is the decision-making process within the ‘core’ Scottish Government, that is its Directorates, Ministers and Special Advisers. 

Considering specific decisions by the Scottish Government or any individual cases is not part of this inquiry, nor will the Committee be specifically considering matters currently the subject of scrutiny by other parliamentary Committees.


The Committee has agreed to undertake an inquiry to better understand the current policy decision-making process used by the Scottish Government.  

The Committee will also seek to identify the skills and key principles necessary to support an effective government decision-making process. 

The Committee is therefore seeking views on: What are the key principles and best practice necessary to support effective government decision-making?

How to submit your views

Please submit your views using the online submission form, linked to below.

We welcome written views in English, Gaelic, Scots or any other language. 

The call for views closes on 7 February 2023.

Alongside written evidence, the Committee will also take oral evidence, appoint an advisor to support its work and undertake research; and carry out external engagement. The Committee’s views will be reported during 2023.


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