Scottish Leids Bill: Financial Memorandum

Closes 1 Mar 2024

Opened 23 Jan 2024


Aboot the Bill

The Bill gies the Gaelic and Scots leids official staunin in Scotland and maks chynges tae the uphaudin o the Gaelic and Scots leids in Scotland. This includes chynges in relation tae Gaelic and Scots education.

Status o the Bill the Noo

This Bill wis introducit in the Scots Pairlament by the Cabinet Secretary fur Education and Skills on 29 November 2023.

Read and find oot mair aboot the Bill: Scottish Leids Bill.

Stage 1

The Education, Bairns and Young Fowk Committee has been designatit as the lead Committee fur the Bill. A separate caw fur views on the Bill’s policy provisions will be pit oot by the lead Committee in due course and furthset on this consultation platform.

Financial Memorandum

As wi aw Bills, the Finance and Public Administration Committee invites scrievit evidence on the estimatit financial implications o the Bill as set oot in the Financial Memorandum (FM) that gangs wi it.

Read the FM furthset alang wi this Bill.

Makkin a Submission

Afore makkin a submission, please read oor Privacy Notice aboot submittin yer views tae a Committee. This tells ye aboot hoo we deal wi personal data.

Please tak tent that in maist cases yer submission will be furthset on the Scots Pairlament’s website and micht be quotit in the Committee's report or in Committee meetins (which are public and braidcast).

Please yaise the Questionnaire providit fur yer submission:

1. Did ye tak pairt in ony consultation speirins afore the Bill and, if sae, did ye comment on the financial assumptions makkit?

2. If applicable, dae ye believe yer comments on the financial assumptions hae been reflectit in an accurate wey in the FM?  

3. Did ye hae time eneuch tae contribute tae the consultation speirins?

4. If the Bill has ony financial implications fur yersel or yer organisation, dae ye believe that they hae been reflectit in an accurate wey in the FM? If no, please gie details.

5. Dae ye consider that the estimatit costs and savins set oot in the FM are reasonable and richt?

6. If applicable, are ye content that yer organisation can meet ony financial costs that it micht incur as a result o the Bill? If no, hoo dae ye think these costs should be met?  

7. Does the FM reflect in an accurate wey the unsiccar margins associatit wi the Bill’s estimatit costs forby wi the timescales ower which they wad be expectit tae arise?

The deidline fur gien yer views is: Friday 1 Mairch 2024.

We walcome scrievit views in English, Gaelic, Scots or ony ither leid. Gien the time it taks tae process and analyse evidence, late submissions will be acceptit anely wi the agreement o the Committee Clerk.


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