Criminal Justice Pre-Budget scrutiny: 2024-25

Closed 12 Sep 2023

Opened 1 Aug 2023

Published responses

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As part of its pre-budget scrutiny of the 2024-25 Scottish budget, the Criminal Justice Committee wants to hear your views.

The key focus is on the financial challenges that face organisations working in the criminal justice sector and the adequacy of budgets that may be proposed when the Scottish Government publishes its budget in the coming months. Of particular interest to the Committee are the pressures on capital spending and investment.


The Criminal Justice Committee would like to hear:

  • Your views on the extent to which spending priorities in the criminal justice sector are being met in 2023/24 and whether these continue to be the right priorities.
  • Your views on the spending priorities and challenges in the next financial year (2024/25) and whether the spending allocated to your organisation and/or the criminal justice sector more widely is sufficient.
  • Your views in particular on the adequacy of capital spending budget allocations and investment.
  • Any other comments you may wish to make on the budget situation in the criminal justice sector.

The deadline for submitting a response is 11:59 pm on Tuesday 12 September 2023.


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