Mobile home park residents licensing system

Closed 17 Feb 2021

Opened 21 Jan 2021

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The Local Government and Communities Committee are looking at the licensing system for residential mobile homes parks. We are interested in how the system works for permanent mobile home park residents.


We heard concerns from an MSP (see here) that the licensing system does not work well for permanent mobile home residents. This is despite a recent update to The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014. The Committee wants to investigate this further.

You can find more online resources about the licensing system for residential mobile homes at this link here. (Please note that this linked page belongs to the Scottish Government, not the Scottish Parliament.)

  1. Are you aware of the current rules on the licensing of mobile home parks with permanent residents?
  2. Do the rules seem fair? Do they get the balance right?
  3. Local councils are in charge of the licensing system in their area. Do you have a view on how well this is done in your area? Do they have the resources and powers they need to do it effectively?
  4. Do you have any other views you wish to share on the licensing system for mobile home with permanent residents?

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All responses we can accept as evidence will be considered by the Local Government and Communities Committee. In the short time left before the election this Spring, the Committee will decide what further action to take on this matter.

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The call for views closes on 17 February 2021.

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Share our Questions

This is a “targeted” call for views.  This means we are targeting a limited number of organisations and individuals for their views on this issue. However, there is no limit on who can reply. You should feel free to forward this call for views to anyone you know who might want to reply.

We hope you can help the Committee with its information-gathering.


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