COVID-19: Economic recovery

Closed 31 Jul 2020

Opened 3 Jul 2020

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COVID-19: Economic recovery

The Economy Energy and Fair Work Committee will continue to focus on the impact of COVID-19 in the autumn and invites you to submit evidence on the specific issues outlined below:

The AGER report can be read here.

This specific consultation focuses on economic recovery. Please only answer the questions you have a view on.

  1. What are your views on the Scottish Government Advisory Group on Economic Recovery’s report?  If the recommendations are to be implemented, what practical action is needed now? 

  2. Are there areas of economic recovery not covered by the Report which you believe should have been included? If so, please provide details.

  3. What needs to be done in the next a) 6 months b) 12-18 months c) 3-5 years to promote economic recovery? 

  4. How can longer-term ambitions, such as net zero greenhouse gas emissions targets, be achieved whilst responding to the immediate economic crisis?

  5. To what extent might future ways of doing business change? And might this be a catalyst for a more considered view of how our economy interacts with wellbeing and tackles inequalities? 

  6. What lessons were learned from the 2008 economic downturn that could be applied now?  How resilient is the labour market since 2008 downturn? What type of interventions are needed to prevent increasing unemployment rates?

  7. How can fair work policies be promoted and protected whilst promoting recovery to the economic crisis?

  8. Does the crisis provide an opportunity to change relationships between employers and workers? What type of changes could be beneficial? What steps could be taken to promote these changes?

  9. What action is needed to ensure that Scotland has the digital infrastructure and skills to support economic recovery?

Why your views matter

This is part of the Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee’s ongoing inquiry on the impact of COVID-19 on Scotland’s economy, including businesses and workers.  The Committee issued an open call for views after the crisis began; we thank those who have already submitted evidence. This has helped inform the Committee’s scrutiny of the Scottish and UK Governments’ response to the crisis. More information on the Committee’s work to date can be found here.

How to submit your views
Please submit your views via the submission form, linked to below.

The call for views will close on Friday 31 July 2020.

If you need advice, please contact the Clerks on the email address:

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