Housing (Scotland) Bill: Financial Memorandum

Closed 4 Jun 2024

Opened 3 May 2024

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About the Bill

The Bill has 7 Parts.

Part 1 makes provision about rent including the designation of rent control areas.

Part 2 makes provision about dealing with evictions, including duties to consider delaying evictions and the amount of damages for unlawful evictions.

Part 3 makes provision about residential tenants keeping pets and making changes to let property.

Part 4 makes provision about other matters relating to tenants including unclaimed tenancy deposits, registration of letting agents, ending joint tenancies, delivery of notices by social landlords and converting assured tenancies into private residential tenancies.

Part 5 makes provision about homelessness prevention including duties of relevant bodies, assessment of housing support services and supporting tenants affected by domestic abuse.

Part 6 makes provision about other housing matters including mobile homes, fuel poverty and disclosure of information to the new homes ombudsman.

Part 7 makes provision about commencement and other ancillary matters.

Current Status of the Bill 

This Bill was introduced in the Scottish Parliament by the Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice on 26 March 2024.

Read and find out more about the Bill: Housing (Scotland) Bill.

Stage 1 

The Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee has been designated as the lead Committee for the Bill. A separate call for views on the Bill’s policy provisions has been issued by the lead Committee and has been published on this consultation platform.

Financial Memorandum 

As with all Bills, the Finance and Public Administration Committee invites written evidence on the estimated financial implications of the Bill as set out in its accompanying Financial Memorandum (FM). 

Read the FM published alongside this Bill.

Making a Submission

Before making a submission, please read our Privacy Notice about submitting your views to a Committee. This tells you about how we process personal data. 

Please note that in most cases your submission will be published on the Scottish Parliament's website and may be quoted in the Committee's report or in Committee meetings (which are public and broadcast). 

Please use the Questionnaire provided for your submission:

1. Did you take part in any consultation exercise preceding the Bill and, if so, did you comment on the financial assumptions made?  

2. If applicable, do you believe your comments on the financial assumptions have been accurately reflected in the FM?  

3. Did you have sufficient time to contribute to the consultation exercise?

4. If the Bill has any financial implications for you or your organisation, do you believe that they have been accurately reflected in the FM? If not, please provide details. 

5. Do you consider that the estimated costs and savings set out in the FM are reasonable and accurate?  

6. If applicable, are you content that your organisation can meet any financial costs that it might incur as a result of the Bill? If not, how do you think these costs should be met?  

7. Does the FM accurately reflect the margins of uncertainty associated with the Bill’s estimated costs and with the timescales over which they would be expected to arise? 

The deadline to submit your views is: Tuesday 4 June 2024.

We welcome written views in English, Gaelic, Scots or any other language. Due to the time required to process and analyse evidence, late submissions will only be accepted with the agreement of the Committee Clerk. 


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