Housing (Cladding Remediation) (Scotland) Bill

Closed 8 Dec 2023

Opened 8 Nov 2023

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About the Bill

The Bill is being introduced to reduce the risk to life from unsafe cladding on people’s homes.

The Bill gives powers to Scottish Ministers to assess and remediate certain types of buildings with unsafe cladding. Scottish Ministers will need to record these assessments and any remediation works completed in a register. Remediate means to take action towards fixing problems.

The Bill also allows Scottish Ministers to create a responsible developers scheme.

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  1. Do you think this legislation will deliver quick and cost effective remediation of potentially flammable cladding systems found on some modern blocks of flats in Scotland?

    What, if any, amendments could be made to the Bill that would further speed the delivery of cladding remediation?
  2. Do you think the Register will resolve the challenges around re-mortgaging, buying, selling, and insuring properties with potentially unsafe cladding?

    Are there any other measures necessary to respond to these challenges?
  3. Experience shows that it can prove difficult to secure consent for cladding remediation work from all owners within a block of flats. Do the provisions in the Bill adequately address this issue? If not, what changes need to be made?

    Are the appeal mechanisms and timescales for those appeals sufficient?
  4. Do you think this scheme will expedite the process of remediating buildings with potentially unsafe cladding?

    Do you think it is proportionate to prohibit developers who fail to comply with the schemes terms from carrying out major developments and gaining building control sign-off in Scotland?

    Much of the detail of the scheme is left to secondary legislation. Should more of the detail be on the face of the Bill?
  5. Is there a need to make provision for non-residential buildings with potentially unsafe cladding?

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The call for views closes on 8 December 2023


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