Common Frameworks

Closed 29 Jul 2022

Opened 6 Jun 2022

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Following EU exit, the four UK administrations agreed to maintain UK-wide approaches, or ‘common frameworks’ in some policy areas that were previously governed by EU law and which intersect with areas of devolved competence.

It is intended that common frameworks will ensure coherent approaches to regulation are maintained across the UK. They will also enable the UK Government and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to make different choices on how to implement the rules in some of these policy areas.

The Rural Affairs, Islands and Natural Environment Committee has a role in scrutinising common frameworks covering areas of policy falling within its remit.

What does the Committee want to know?

The Committee is seeking views on the following provisional frameworks (please click on the framework to see more detailed information)

What are the key questions?

The Committee seeks your views on the following in relation to each of the above frameworks:

  1. Are the frameworks clearly drafted, including in relation to their purpose and scope?
  2. Do the frameworks include matters not previously governed at an EU level?
  3. Do the frameworks set any measures for assessing whether policy divergence will be acceptable - by, for example, committing governments to maintaining certain standards?
  4. The processes set out in the frameworks will be used by the UK administrations to decide when to align and when to diverge.
    • Are these processes clear?
    • Are the right people involved in decision making?
    • Is there a role for stakeholders?
  5. Do the frameworks propose any significant changes to policy?
  6. How will the frameworks change decision-making processes in the policy areas in comparison to pre EU exit?
  7. Are decision making processes set out in the frameworks transparent - by, for example, being subject to reporting requirements?
  8. Do the frameworks provide opportunity for ongoing stakeholder engagement, including in any review and amendment process? 
  9. Do you have any views on how the Scottish Parliament should monitor the functioning of common frameworks?
  10. Please provide any additional thoughts on specific common frameworks.

Your views

We would like to hear as many informed views as possible on the provisional common frameworks. 

We welcome written views in English, Gaelic, Scots or any other language.

If referring to a specific framework, please indicate using the comments box provided.  

The call for views closes on 29 July 2022.

What happens next

We will use the submissions from this call for views to help us make recommendations to government on each provisional common framework. We might take oral evidence on a framework from experts or from government if your written views suggest that it would be useful or necessary to do so. We will agree any further action following analysis of the responses.

The call for views closes on 29 July 2022 at midnight.


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