Race equality, employment and skills inquiry

Closed 30 Jun 2020

Opened 14 Feb 2020

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What is being done in Scotland to make sure that people from minority ethnic communities have the same employment and training opportunities as everyone else?

Having a job can help someone with:

  • housing
  • education
  • health
  • poverty
  • feeling involved in the community

We want to hear your views on what can be done to improve employment and skills opportunities for people from minority ethnic communities in Scotland.


The Scottish Parliament Equalities and Human Rights Committee has representatives of different political parties on it. It holds the Scottish Government to account on its equalities and human rights law and policy.

This Call for Views is being conducted as part of our inquiry into race equality, employment and skills. The inquiry will involve: 

  • written submissions 
  • public engagements with the committee 
  • panels of witnesses in Committee meetings

Before submitting your views, please read the privacy notice. This sets out how we process your personal data when providing information to a Committee.

You don’t need to answer every question if it’s not relevant to you.

  • How should employers, schools, colleges and universities work together to help people from minority ethnic communities move into work?
  • How should employers encourage more people from minority ethnic communities to apply to work with them?
  • What support should employers give to keep people from minority ethnic communities in their organisation? For example, women returning to work.
  • How do employers deal with racism and discrimination at work? For example, does everyone know their responsibilities?
  • What training and development opportunities should employers have to encourage a diverse workforce?

How to submit your views

Please submit your views via the submission form, accessed below.

The call for written views will close on Tuesday 30 June 2020.

The Scottish Parliament and its Committees value diversity. We seek to work towards committee witnesses being broadly representative of Scotland’s society. As such we encourage members of underrepresented groups to submit written evidence.

Before making a submission, please read our privacy notice about submitting your views to a Committee. This tells you about how we process your personal data.  If you are under 12 years of age, please read this privacy notice.

We welcome written views in any language.