Social Care Inquiry

Closed 20 Feb 2020

Opened 19 Dec 2019

Results updated 16 Jun 2021

On Wednesday 10 February the Health and Sport Committee published its inquiry report, The Future of Social Care and Support in Scotland. You can read the report at the links below.

The Committee held one further evidence session on Tuesday 23 February to take views on the report and the outcome of the Scottish Government Independent Review of Adult Social Care. Full details of the discussion at that meeting can be found in the Official Report.

Following the meeting the Convener of the Committee wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport to highlight the issues raised and ask for a response to be included alongside the Scottish Government's response to the Committee's report.

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Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


Following closures of residential care facilities and general funding issues with independent, voluntary and council run facilities, the Health and Sport Committee has agreed to undertake an inquiry into social care for adults over 18 years.

We want to explore the future delivery of social care in Scotland and what is required to meet future needs.

Experiences of social care in Scotland

We are seeking views from people with lived experience of receiving adult social care or being a carer for someone receiving care. We would like to hear:

  1. Your story and experience of social care in Scotland
  2. What you would change about your experience of social care?

The future delivery of social care in Scotland

We are keen to receive responses to the following questions:

  1. How should the public be involved in planning their own and their community’s social care services?
  2. How should integration authorities commission and procure social care to ensure it is person-centred?
  3. Looking ahead, what are the essential elements in an ideal model of social care (e.g. workforce, technology, housing etc.)?
  4. What needs to happen to ensure the equitable provision of social care across the country?


We held an event, Scotland 2030: A Sustainable Future for Social Care for Older People, on 16 November 2018, in collaboration with Scotland’s Futures Forum, to consider the future of social care for older people in Scotland. The event considered the general proposition of how social care would look (and be financed) in 2030.

The Scottish Government Adult Social Care Reform Programme is currently working to reform social care in Scotland. This inquiry will not focus on replicating that work, it will instead explore the future delivery of social care in Scotland.

The Scottish Government has been working with Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA), people with lived experience, unpaid carers and other stakeholders to develop a national programme to support reform of adult social care.

The national programme, launched in June 2019, is intended to:

  • Support integration authorities, the wider sector, and communities in planning and taking forward changes.
  • Advise Scottish Ministers if national changes or interventions are required.
  • Raise awareness of the role of social care support in Scotland and its social and economic value.

The programme’s priorities come from what people who use social care support, and people who work across the system have said must be included in the process so that change can happen. These are:

  • Have a shared agreement on the purpose of social care support. Focus this on human rights and a process that is person-led.
  • Focus on social care support that fits around a person, how they want to live their life, and what is important to them. This includes living independently, and the ability to move to a different area of Scotland if they want or need to, without there being an impact on their continuity of care.
  • Focus on the same high quality of experiences and the same expectations about support across Scotland.
  • Change attitudes towards social care support, so that it is seen as an investment in Scotland’s people, society and economy.
  • Value the people who work in social work and social care support.
  • Include and co-produce with people who use social care support, unpaid carers, and wider communities. Make local and national co-production work better.
  • Look at investment in social care support, and how it is funded and paid for in the future.
  • Check and record what is working well and what is not. Learn from data and experiences.

More information is available on the Scottish Government website - Reforming adult social care support.

How to submit your views

The call for written views will close on Thursday 20 February 2020.

The Scottish Parliament and its Committees value diversity and seek to work towards committee witnesses being broadly representative of Scotland’s society. As such we encourage members of underrepresented groups to submit written evidence If you need advice, please contact the Clerks on the email address:

Before making a submission, please read our privacy notice about submitting your views to a Committee. This tells you about how we process your personal data.  If you are under 12 years of age, please read this privacy notice.

We welcome written views in English, Gaelic, Scots or any other language. The call for views is also available in an easy read version.


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